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Welcome to PNG Eco Tours adventure catalogue. If one of these adventures does not suit your style please contact us we would be more than happy to design a tour to meet your needs.

Up in the summit top of Papua New Guinea, lies this highest peak in highlands in Simbu Province. It provides pristine clear view as early morning towards coastlines and nearby valley of Jimi and Bundi in Madang Province. Your viewing is result of the climb, Mt Wilhelm 4509ft highest in Papua New Guinea, South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. Enjoy our local food.

Trekking Mt Wilhelm                               5 days / 4 nights

Trek through the Kuralgba Valley, through Asaro Valley through the Bismarck Ranges Viewing morning fog, orchids, war site bunkers), wreck airplane, see trout breeding site, Overnight at Pompomeri Village. Visit orchids farm and see more species, or visit the Nunutai Waterfall, a rarely see, measuring more than 100 metres. Ask the host for the dinner courtesy of trout and local salad.

Trekking Goroka to Mt Wilhelm            5 days / 4nights

Trek through Madang via Bundi Station then into Brahman Mission, see various waterfall, Trek used by first missionary in 1930 to first explore the highlands of New Guinea, Excitement is sacred sites or bird observations and night entertainments, More to add catch the glimpse of Ramu Valley from here. Be prepared to be entertained with hidden and sacred dance and initiations.

Trekking Mt Wilhelm to Madang           6 days / 5nights

Try out the famous Kokoda War Trail. With more tough trek through the Owen Stanley Range. The war trail was famous because of the Australian Army and Japanese Army fought over in what is bloodiest and saddest war battle in history. Local Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel took part with what is believe how our people encourage associated during the war. Kokoda Trail Trekking is best and enjoyable.

Kokoda Trekking                                    9 days / 8 nights

Located in the country biggest catchments of revoire, black bass and barramundi can prove anglers daily battle. Also watching wildlife such as deers, crocodiles, goose, ducks, cassowary and more, Overnight at Ndovi Lovu Resort in Lake Murray. This is total hidden anglers paradise. Not only fishing is best but dugout cruise to otter swamp create island and village built on stilt post

Lake Murray Fishing                               4 days / 3 nights

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