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Welcome to PNG Eco Tours adventure catalogue. If one of these adventures does not suit your style please contact us we would be more than happy to design a tour to meet your needs.

This second highest mountain and not only tough to climb but duly soft as climbing up. Excellent view can patch your sites as far as all lower plain of Southern Highlands and Western Highlands including Enga over the Kandep valley. We can take you through several trail and offered rare collection of orchids and tropical alpine forest canopy. A place to see in Highlands

Trekking Mt. Giluwe                                5 days / 4 nights

Enjoy the cruise up the mighty Sepik River, Papua New Guinea biggest river. Enjoy visiting Sepik Mans House, Craft, totems pole, scenery and people life’s how river system. Enjoy the flood plains and waterway of Sepik plain. Visiting a Sepik House Tambaran is recommended for guests,1200km cruising and spirited houses is well aware some.

Sepik River Cruise                                  5 days / 4 nights

Truly highly recommended fascinating adventure lake cruise in the Papua New Guinea. Boat cruise around the pristine Lake Kutubu,visiting village along the lake edge and foremost cave burial site and visiting the Tubo Orchid farm, watch local women harvest sago and fish. Enjoy afternoon local salads and prawn at the Tubo Eco Resort

Lake Kutubu Cruise                                3 days / 2 nights

Try out the Tari Gap and Hewa Fall adventure rope bridge. Visits to the Huli Wigman initiations sites and oratorio music sessions with more harmonious. Stay at the famous Ambua Lodge.

Tari Trekking                                           5 days / 4 nights

Trek through the remote Ramu Valley over the Bismark Range. Stay at local village and crosses the magnificent Ramu River. Light aircraft pick from Aiome Airstrip or trek to Jimi Valley in Western Highlands Province

 Madang Ramu Valley Expeditions       5 days / 4 nights                        

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