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Welcome to PNG Eco Tours adventure catalogue. If one of these adventures does not suit your style please contact us we would be more than happy to design a tour to meet your needs.

This second highest mountain and not only tough to climb but duly soft as climbing up. Excellent view can patch your sites as far as all lower plain of Southern Highlands and Western Highlands including Enga over the Kandep valley. We can take you through several trail and offered rare collection of orchids and tropical alpine forest canopy. A place to see in Highlands.

Nunutai Waterfall Trekking                    3 days / 2 nights

A full day road cruise starting in Mt Hagen to Lae City in Morobe Province. This is a true paradise experience to see all the highlands Provinces numerous mountains, valleys, towns, market and more

Highlands Road Cruise                          3 days / 2 nights

Try this boulder erect peak closest to Mendi Town.A view on the top will produce scenery beyond Mendi Valley,Tambul Vally and Kandep mountain Range. This climb is total excursion because of it stand.Enjoy some million dollar view on top of the peak of Mt Clancy.

Mt Clancy Trekking                                 3 days / 2 nights

Experience this magnificent mountain surrounding the Mendi Town. Trek to the range summit and catch the view beyond Magarima and Tari Valley and more. This is easy trekking to experience the natural environment and garden landscapes.

Mendi Tubiri Range Trekking                 3 days / 2 days

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