Chris, Di and Matthew in Singapore

13th May - 3rd June 2001

18th June - Still Here


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Chris and Matthew at Sydney Airport

We didn't know at this stage that Singapore Airlines let you keep your pram right up to the door of the plane so we took the pouch to carry Matthew in. He loves it!

Mathew and the Bell Captain at the Marriott

Each time Di & Matthew caught a taxi, Di would hand Matthew to the bell man to hold while she folded up the pram. It was not unusual to see these men directing taxis holding Matthew.


Cable Car to Sentosa Island with City in Background

More spectacular views from the cable car ride.




Matthew asleep on the plane on the way over.

That was until we came into some turbulence and were told to lift him out. He woke and screamed for the next 2 hours. Happy Mothers' Day, Di!




Carina and Di at the Zoo

This was our first outing together. We met outside the Marriott. Carina was walking past pushing her pram. She looked friendly so Di started talking to her. We became good buddies and had lots of outings together with our boys.



View of Sentosa Island from the Cable Car

Sentosa Island is like a theme park. We travelled across to it by cable car. Very spectacular views.

Matthew on the Phone in the plane (A boy has to keep in touch!)

This is a satellite phone and doubles as the remote control for the personal movies and games console. Toys for the boys!


Chris and Matthew at the Marriott on Chris' Birthday

Di and Matthew on the Train at Sentosa Island

This train (a bit like a monorail) took us around the Island. we had waited almost an hour to catch one but we got to see where all the attractions were within the day we were there. It was less strenuous in the humidity than trying to see it all by walking.


Matthew and Alexander (Practising driving in the Singaporean Traffic)

Alexander was saying, in his best almost 2 yr old Swedish, that he will drive and he was trying to get Matthew's hands away from the wheel. 

Matthew and William

Other kids toys are always more fun. William and Matthew playing with each others'  toys.

Two cable cars passing on way to Sentosa Island

Each car was quite big. We were able to just wheel the pram in and still sit on the seats.

Orchids at Jurong Bird Park

Orchids are everywhere in Singapore. They seem to grow like weeds but are very beautiful.


Matthew Packing for Singapore

When we found out that you can't leave babies in Airport lockers for three months we thought we better take him with us.

Chris, Matthew and Di with Paul, Carina, William and Alexander at Jurong East MRT station

They are from Finland. Paul is working here for a while. Carina and the kids were only here for 3 weeks. This was another of the outings we did together. We caught the MRT and just watched the sights as they went by.

Matthew Unpacking his Toys

Matthew had to unpack his own toys. He was desperately looking for his furbie.


Matthew on a Tri-shaw

Matthew hiring a tri-shaw at Clarke quay.


Di and Matthew in the Pool at the Marriott

The pool at the Marriott had a superb view.


Buddha of a Thousand Lights

If you are into Buddha's with many lights, well then here is one for your collection.


Matt beginning to Climb

It's no mountain but it was Matthew's first climbing expedition.


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