A. Map
B. View of Bogong and Staircase Spur
View of Bogong and Staircase Spur.jpg
C. Start of Staircase Spur
Start of Staircase Spur.jpg
D. John on Staircase Spur
John on Staircase Spur.jpg
E. Bush on Staircase Spur
Bush on Staircase Spur.jpg
F. John at Bivouac Hut
John at Bivouac Hut.jpg
G. Bivouac Hut
Bivouac Hut.jpg
H. Snow Gums
Snow Gums.jpg
I. Memorial on Mt Bogong
Memorial on Mt Bogong.jpg
J. Mt Bogong Summit Cairn
Mt Bogong Summit Cairn.jpg
K. Modern Technology on Bogong
Modern Technology on Bogong.jpg
L. Chris at Bogong Summit Cairn
Chris at Bogong Summit Cairn.jpg
M. Hooker Plateau
Hooker Plateau.jpg
N. Towards the Staircase Spur
Towards the Staircase Spur.jpg
O. Rocking Horse Saddle
Rocking Horse Saddle.jpg
P. Frank in Cleve Cole Hut
Frank in Cleve Cole Hut.jpg
Q. Ouch
R. John and Cleve Cole Hut
John and Cleve Cole Hut.jpg
S. Cleve Cole Hut
Cleve Cole Hut.jpg
T. T Spur
T Spur.jpg
U. Crossing Big River
Crossing Big River.jpg
V. AWT Sign
AWT Sign.jpg
W. Duane Spur
Duane Spur.jpg
X. Roper Hut
Roper Hut.jpg
Y. Morning at Roper's Hut
Morning at Roper's Hut.jpg
Z. Inside Roper Hut
Inside Roper Hut.jpg
ZA. Snow Poles
Snow Poles.jpg
ZB. Edmondson Hut
Edmondson Hut.jpg
ZC. Inside Edmondson Hut
Inside Edmondson Hut.jpg
ZD. Rocky Valley Storage
Rocky Valley Storage.jpg
ZE. Langford Aqueduct
Langford Aqueduct.jpg
ZF. Wallace Hut
Wallace Hut.jpg
ZG. Chris Outside Wallace Hut
Chris Outside Wallace Hut.jpg
ZH. Inside Cope Hut
Inside Cope Hut.jpg
ZI. Outside Cope Hut
Outside Cope Hut.jpg
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