ZJ. Sunrise near Cope Hut
Sunrise near Cope Hut.jpg
ZK. Camping near Cope Hut
Camping near Cope Hut.jpg
ZL. Chris Collecting Water
Chris Collecting Water.jpg
ZM. Tarn
ZN. Old Sign
Old Sign.jpg
ZO. Cope Saddle Hut
Cope Saddle Hut.jpg
ZP. Brumby
ZQ. John Inside Cope Saddle Hut
John Inside Cope Saddle Hut.jpg
ZR. Pretty Valley Hut
Pretty Valley Hut.jpg
ZS. View from Pretty Valley Hut
View from Pretty Valley Hut.jpg
ZT. View towards Mt Fainter
View towards Mt Fainter.jpg
ZU. View of Falls Creek
View of Falls Creek.jpg
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