Kayak Trip Colo to Appletree Bay
11-13 Dec 2023

David and I had deferred this trip, once because of unfavourable tides and a second time due to heavy rain. The three days we selected were forecasted to be hot, but it was now or never because school holidays were about to start and niether of us fancied kayaking down the Hawkesbury with ski boats buzzing all around us.

Day 1 - Colo to Wiseman's

29.82 km 5h 27m average speed 6 km/h

The day was quite hot, 33deg max. A pretty but uneventful kayak. We tried to get water at Wiseman’s Ferry but there was no potable water in the Park. 

We dropped into Cliftonville Ski resort for lunch, but the cafe was closed.

The 3 kms from Wiseman’s to Rosedale Caravan Park were into the wind and were hard work. I think we were both a bit over it by then.

Day 2 - Wiseman's to Gentleman's Halt

27.00 km 5h 5m average speed 5.3km/h

Another warm day with 29 deg max. We had no tidal assistance for the first couple of hours and when the tide did turn in our favour it made little difference.

It was nice to drop into Spencer and have a coffee and a drink and fil up with water, before heading across the river to Gentleman’s Halt. You can read why it was called Gentlman’s Halt here.

A long, but very enjoyable day on the river.

Day 3 - Gentleman's Halt to Appletree Bay

35.27 km 5h 44m average speed 6.1km/h

A long, but very enjoyable day on the river. Still warm, about 30 deg max, but the effects were somewhat lessened by cloud cover and the NE breeze kicking in.

We very definitely had a tidal assist from Milson’s Passage through to Brookyn. We were doing about 10km/h as we approached Brooklyn railway bridge. Our tidal advantage was overwhelmed by the chop after Brooklyn.

Rounding Gunyah Point was tricky with an unpredictable chop which had us watching very carefully.

On the way down Cowan Creek my sunburn cream kept dripping into my eyes. I saw very little of Cowan Creek as I was squinting through sore and cloudy eyes. No more cheap sun cream for me. Otherwise it was a very enjoyable day.