The Stevenson Family

About Us

One happy family

There are
Four of Us.

There are four of us in the Stevenson Family. Mum and Dad with children Matthew and Sophie. The photo on the left was taken in Belgium. We attended a wedding in the Château de La Hulpe behind us. This photo was taken in 2006.

Life is Perfect

We have won
the lottery.

Our lottery win

We don’t gamble. The lottery we won is that of being born in Australia to a nice family and being safe healthy and happy.  Everything you need in life is ours.

Great Day for the Race

What race? The human race. While we have our challenges and there is a lot of inequality, the world has never been a safer, healthier or more properous place to live.

What about stress

The first step in overcoming stress is the realisation that most of it (and sometimes all of it) is self inflicted.  Why not choose to stop self-inflicting stress.


Some people love possessions. My life is about gathering experiences not possessions.  My ego is not connected to my sessions.  It is my experiences that I covet.

Knowledge is everything

Chris' Skills.



Chris is an IT generalist with a broad understanding of technologies such as linux, web and several programming languages.



I have played many sports over the years and I usally get bored  after three years and switch. My long term sporting passions have been bushwalking, rogaining and orienteering.



I rember reading about there been an genetic basis to adventure. I love to explore  everything. I regularly pick places I do not know and go there. There is always a horizon I wish to see over.

more about me


Here are some more potted facts about me.

Favourite movie.

The one I enjoyed most is the Lord of the Rings trilogy closely followed by the Harry Potter series. Apocalypse Now gets a special mention for all round brillance without actually being that enjoyable to watch.


The best book I have ever reaad is Ender’s Game and Orson Scott Card is my favourite author. Second and third places go to the Lord of The Rings and Forever War.


I like my music but I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite. Most of what I love is between the mid 60’s and mid 80’s. Honourable mentions go to David Bowie, London Grammer, Paul Weller and a number of rock operas.

Video Streaming.

I love science videos. Ihave no particular skill in this area but I am happy to absorb as much information as I can about science, computing and maths.