5" Gauge Bogies

Available without brakes

With mechanical brakes

With vacuum brakes

My bogies are designed and made for passenger hauling on 5" gauge.

Available ready to run or build yourself.

Can be fitted with mechanical or vacuum brakes.

Have steel wheels and deep groove sealed ball races.

Sprung bogie bolster for a smoother ride.

Examples of these bogies have been in service for over 34 years and have proved completely reliable.

My bogies can be powered by fitting one or two of my diesel wheelsets. (requires a special axle). A quick way to produce an electric locomotive.

Some dimensions for 5" gauge bogies:

Axle cetre distance 7.5" (190.5mm)
Wheel diameter  3.5" (89mm)
Width over bolster  8.063" (205mm)
Length over wheel flange 11.375" (289mm)
Height from rail to top of bolster bearing  4.218"  (107mm)

Vacuum braked bogie shown below

5 inch bogie vacuum

Price list for 5" gauge Bogies

Assembled Bogies - Ready to install - prices per pair ( enough for one carriage)
1 pair of bogies with vacuum brakes       $885.00
1 pair of bogies with brakes but no vacuum cylinder     $770.00
1 pair of bogies without brakes   $688.00

Kit Bogies - All parts sold separately ( drawings included )

Parts for Basic Bogie kit without brakes
4 Sideframes and 2 bolsters (machined)    $190.00
8 Springs    $32.00
8 Steel wheels (machined)    $144.00
8 Axle bearings        $62.00
4 Bolster bearings     $28.00

Parts to fit brakes to Basic Bogie
1 Brakeshoe ring     $20.00
2 Levers (not requires if fitting vacuum brakes)     $5.00
Parts to Fit Vacuum Brakes to Braked Bogie
2 Vacuum cylinders    $22.00
2 Vacuum cylinder springs   $5.50

5" bogie with diesel wheel set. See diesel wheel sets for more information.

bogie with dws

                                Effective January 2015