Single Cylinder 1.5" scale Pumps

1.5 single

Model of a Westinghouse 10" (254mm) x 10.625" (270mm) air compressor.
Overall height 6" (152mm)
Maximum body diameter 1.75"(44.45mm)
Steam cylinder diameter for water pump 1.25"(32mm)
Steam cylinder diameter for air compressor 0.875"(22.22mm)
Water and air cylinder diameter 0.875"(22.22mm)
Stroke 1.25" (31.75mm)
Working pressure range 50 - 120 psi

Available with air or water fittings as shown above.

Complete with fittings for 3/16" dia copper pipe.

Fully operational

Self starting


Lubrication: 600 W steam cylinder oil or equivalent

Lubricator is not supplied with the pump but can be purchased separately

These pumps have successfully been in production since 1980

*** Price for Water Pump $1274 AUD ***
***  Price for Air Compressor  $1338 AUD  ***

Postage within Australia: $40

Effective January 2015

Phone  (02) 4751 1671
Mobile  0412 428 605