About Warrick Sandberg

 Trains have been my passion since the age of 4 when I escaped from my home to be found hours later investigating the local train tracks and I could not wait to leave school to commence my Fitting and Machining apprenticeship with the NSW Government Railway.  I consider myself lucky to have been in the last group of apprentices to study valve and valve gears for steam engines and to have experienced working on steam locos in the large erecting shop at Everleigh Railway Workshops. 

Since 1978 I have produced quality model engineering supplies under my own business name while continuing to hone my skills and knowledge through research, practice and listening to the feedback and wishes of my customers. In addition to production I have become skilled in design and CAD drawing.

My work is now reknown throughout Australia for its quality, reliability and attention to detail.  My knowledge of all aspects of locomotive functioning - especially steam engines and live steam models - is often sought by others (I have been called the "walking train encyclopaedia") and is ever growing due to my tireless fascination with all things trains.